Hạng mục Công trình thương mại phức hợp

Khu vực Nam

Năm 2018


The Peak Midtown

The general contractor for rough construction, finishing, aluminum and glass, and MEP

Địa chỉ
Phu My Hung Urban Area, Tan Phu Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City

Chủ đầu tư
Phu Hung Thai Development Joint Stock Company

Quy mô

The Peak Midtown is located in the most beautiful location of the Midtown complex of Phu My Hung urban area with a scale of 6 blocks from 9 to 30 floors high, with a total construction area of 185,000m2. During more than two years of project construction, it was also the time when the Covid-19 epidemic raged; the project was also located in an existing residential area, so time to organize the structure and pour concrete must be done before 8 pm. Hoa Binh and the subcontractors and suppliers participating in the project have always made efforts and cooperated in good faith to provide appropriate solutions to ensure the project is completed on schedule, with quality as committed, and achieved 9.2 million safety working hours.


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